My city is in chaos.
This is what’s happening to Hong Kong right this minute.



It is difficult for me to put into words, but simply put, University students started a class boycott movement demanding democracy and universal suffrage from the Hong Kong and Chinese…

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BREAKING: Peaceful Protesters In Ferguson MO Get Pummeled By Police Officers After Their Chief Marched With Protesters

  • I think the PD is aggressively attacking protestors because they assume & no longer gives a damn
  • Chief Jackson did this. His officers did this. Women were attacked. He said he was marching with us. Lies..he set us up
  • And Chief Jackson didn’t do ANYTHING to stop the attacks and mayhem. DID NOTHING!
  • LOTS of cops out right now. A short clash with the police after arrests were made. Live Feed Here:

Fuck the police.  Seriously.  All this to protect a murderer.

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is that nash grier

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got these skinny jeans on


cant bend my knees 

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shoutout to everyone who still follows me. icant believe ur still here

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im sorry for never posting

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me in one gif

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  (4:20 blaze it)

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